10 Signs Your Dental Appointment Is Not Going Well

Image courtesy of patrisyu / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of patrisyu / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1. When you call to make your appointment, the receptionist says she’ll have to get your file from storage.


2. When the hygienist asks when you last had your teeth cleaned, she asks you to repeat your answer.  Twice.


3. After your x-rays are done, every staff member you speak to asks you (again) if you have dental insurance.


4. You knew they were going to ask how often you floss and you’re pretty sure last night and this morning don’t count as “daily.”


5. Once you sit in the chair and open wide, the hygienist leaves to go get more tools.


6. When she’s ready to begin cleaning your teeth, she applies numbing gel.  To everything.


7. At the first sound of the scraper, you remember why you considered going to that “anxiety-free” dentist across town.


8. The hygienist says, “Ooops.”  And then starts rinsing and sucking, rinsing and sucking.


9. When you’re about ready to check out, she hands you information on their payment plan.


10. The receptionist is looking over the hygienist’s notes and says, “Ouch.  You don’t have to go to work today, do you?”



Take it from me, folks.  Go see your dentist every six months.  If the dentist makes you nervous and you put it off (like someone else I know…ahem…me), it’s just worse when you finally have to go.  Thankfully, nothing major is needed but…Ohhhh man.  I’m not looking forward to this gel wearing off.
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  1. (((hugs!))) You’re absolutely correct — it’s so much worse if you wait. I put off cleanings for far too long and I’m paying the price now. It’s so against our nature as moms, but we have to make taking care of ourselves a priority.

    • You are so right! There was just one thing after another after another and it was totally forgotten about for too long. Time for me to get healthy!

  2. Oh my gosh my teeth would have all fallen out if I waited longer than 6 months! Mine are genetically problematic. I had to have a complete overhaul after my first pregnancy and take calcium just to keep my teeth!

    • It’s so crazy how everyone is so different. It had been 10 years, Sarah. TEN. Maybe nine. But still. I can’t even. You better believe I will be in there every six months now. It is a miracle of God’s sweet mercy that I don’t need major work. Just a thorough cleaning and replace a little lost filling. Praise Jesus.

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