Farewell Friends!

The time has come for this chapter to close.

This little place on the internet has been such a home for the past four years through ALL KINDS of life things. It has been an outlet for all of the big feelings. It has led me to meet some amazing and interesting people. It has helped me to discover strengths that I didn’t know I had. It taught me about connection.

It’s a little sad to let it go but the timing is right. I haven’t had time to do much writing in the past year or so. With this new baby and a new move, it just feels like a natural stopping point.

I’m not planning to stop writing altogether. You might even find me documenting all the hot messes I end up making in the ATL. But you won’t know for sure because it will definitely be anonymous. I want deniability of all future mortifications. =)

I pray God’s blessings on all of you!